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Beyond prompting and directing, I find the real moments that happen in-between, the slow touches, the soft laughs and the happy dances, these are the moments that make up the memories captured- these are the “you” moments, the ones that tell the story.

While arriving at you wedding organised and having a vision for what I would like to capture for you, I treasure every story that each person has to tell. Every wedding is vastly different from the last in its own authentic detail, personality and magic.


Not only can you book your wedding photographer, but your videographer too! We make a great team and promise to deliver a fun and unforgettable experience.

capturing moments that become heirlooms


Your story is invaluable and your love is worth capturing. My packages are designed so that we can take the day one step at a time, be in the moment, feel the emotions and just be present, while working together to document your day in the most honest and authentic way.


beautiful stories told poetically

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