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I love to travel for destination weddings! If your location is more than two hours from where we’re based, please remember to add a little extra to your budget for one night’s accommodation in a B&B for the two of us. If your location is more than 3-4 hours away, please budget a little extra for two night’s accommodation. If your wedding is more than 4 hours away, please remember to budget a bit extra for two flights (where applicable), two night’s accommodation at a B&B and a rental car.

Firstly, congrats!
You can go to the form at the top of the page and fill in the details about your wedding. If I’m available on your date, I’ll send you my packages and we’ll take it from there!
* please note that I try to get back to you ASAP.

The final images can be expected after 10 weeks from the wedding date.

Yes, we please ask that meals are provided at the wedding reception as part of our contract.

Most of the time, a 40% booking deposit, signed contract and the completed questionnaire that will be send out after the contact form.

Unfortunately not, because editing is part of the process and without editing, the photos are only half way done. I  promise to never leave photos out that you want/need – I won’t let you miss out on your memories.

My approach is to capture the art behind who you are alongside a service that you always would like to look back to. Weddings are so many moments and emotions – real, raw, spontaneous, and fun. I want to capture every feeling of that special day.

Let’s meet for coffee in person or over Zoom, I’d love to tell you more!

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