my portfolio


These are the moments that time slowed down, love poured out and memories were preserved forever.


let your love story live on forever

the booking process

You’ve set your date, have your vision, and are taking the steps to bring your pinterest board to reality. Now it’s time to book a photographer that can capture your day in the most authentic and breathtaking way.


Start by filling out the contact form with all the important details about your wedding day. I’ll respond within 24 hours, let you know if I am available as well as provide you with more info regarding my wedding investments.


Once you’ve had a chance to look at my wedding investments, you can let me know which one suits you best, and I will then send you my invoice, as well as the wedding contract.


You pay a 30% booking fee and sign the contract, and there you have it.

I am so excited to capture your wedding day!

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